Sagradans Virtues Project (PLAY Sagradan)
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Sagradans Virtues Project (PLAY Sagradan)

Sagradan Virtues Project

The Virtues Project began with an idea that all children are born with the virtues in potential, and that when parents and educators awaken these gifts of character, we can change the world.

The Sagradans Virtues Project was adopted from international Educator’s Guide book entitled THE VIRTUES PROJECT: Simple Ways to Create a Culture of Character by Linda Kavelin Popov, a well known author and the president and co-founder of THE VIRTUES PROJECT.

The Sagradan Virtues Project was initiated by the Student Affairs Council of Montessori De Sagrada Familia in order to help students shape their character by creating a positive, empowering environment for learning and growing. The project contains proven strategies for awakening virtues gifts within. It represents a holistic approach to character education that is easily integrated into the existing curriculum of Montessori De Sagrda Familia.

* To promote a positive school-wide discipline with restorative justice, having the principle of compassion based education and positive discipline.
*To transform bully behavior in support of the Bully Proof Campaign of the Montesorri de Sagrda Familia.
*To create a Culture of Character in school and even at home.
*To anchor every Sagradan student as a School of Character built and strengthened by core values and virtues.
*To enable every Sagradan student to Know Virtues in head, feel Virtues in heart, and show Virtues with hand.

Speaking the Language of Virtues

Acknowledging virtues when parents see them in their child is one of the best ways in awakening the virtues in every Sagradan student, “Say it when you see it”. We guide students to practice virtue when we know they need it and we do our best to replace shaming with naming by correcting misbehavior through naming the virtue involved. Holding a student accountable for his actions in a firm, respectful way, and in the context of his ability to choose virtues, is an open invitation to do the right thing. “We name the act not the actor”.

Recognizing Teachable Moments

Some of the most important lessons students receive in school go beyond academics. Teachable moments are moments of awareness it is like lesson plans for shaping virtues. Students’ awareness of their inner strength is greatly enhanced when a teacher, parent or guardian recognizes any situation in light of virtue. Connecting virtues in academic lessons is one of the goals of the Sagradan Virtue Project.

Virtues Set Clear Boundaries

Boundaries keep us safe. Virtues-based boundaries focus on respect, compassion based education, positive discipline and reparation to create a climate of peace and safety , in relationships at home, in school and in the community. Students feel safe when they know where the boundaries are. We tell them what we DO want, not what we don't want.

Sagradan Virtue of the Month

Sagradan Virtue of the Month aims to awaken virtues in every Sagradan student, by letting the virtue be acknowledged or praised when they themselves practice it. It helps to remind them that virtues are not only being practiced in school but even in the comforts of their home. Letting them know it by head, feel it by heart and show it with the use of their hands.
The assigned virtue for every month are reflected in the student’s Learning Management System. On Fridays, the homeroom adviser will be implementing a set of activities centered on the said virtue of the month.